Golden orthodox Tea

Golden orthodox Tea

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Experience the pure essence of Darjeeling with our 100% orthodox tea leaves, ensuring an authentic and exceptional taste. When properly brewed, it provides a delightful tea-drinking experience that captivates the senses.

There are many benefits to Orthodox green tea. It helps in weight loss, Aids in Blood Circulation,prevents cancer, protects against throat infections, and stimulates the brain. Even if someone wants to quit smoking, Green Tea can help them stop. Green tea will protect against aging and wrinkles on the forehead. widely Accepted as an Immune System Booster and much more


Heat water to a furious boil, put in 1 teaspoon per cup and 1 teaspoon for the pot. Brew it for 3-5 mins. Adjust the brewing time to your personal taste preference. Pour it into the cup and Enjoy.


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